Suzanne Turner Associates

House on the Hill

Set within the 1806 Beauregard Town Historic District, the House on the Hill Development is a small community planned among gardens focused on food and communal meals. 

As part of the project, seven new contemporary homes are planned and four existing historic homes will be renovated.  Homes will open up to community gardens, a greenhouse, a professional kitchen for visiting chefs, and a central green lawn as the heart of the plan.  A restored 100+ year old Acadian-style home on Louisiana Avenue will serve as the community center. 

Plans surpass local storm water regulations as parking lots, sidewalks, and courtyards will be constructed from pervious materials.  Excess storm water surface flow will be directed into a rain garden which will hold and clean water before releasing it into the city storm water system. 

This development will become a demonstration of how contemporary housing can be inserted within the context of a historic neighborhood.  The architectural vocabulary was developed by Lake | Flato Architects of San Antonio, Texas.