Suzanne Turner Associates

Green Roof

The STA team designed a green roof for their office located in Beauregard Town, a National Register Historic District in downtown Baton Rouge.  The vegetated roof is the first in Baton Rouge, and features plant material typical of a xeriscape or arid environment.

Green roofs have been a trend in Europe for many years and are now catching on in large cities across America. They provide an extra layer of insulation within the building, they clean and slow storm water, and they combat the urban ‘heat island effect’.

In many large cities, the combination of hard surfaces such as roof tops, roads, and parking lots reflect heat and contribute to a higher temperature. As hard surfaces are reclaimed as green space through green roofs and parks, plants and soil absorb the heat resulting in cooler temperatures.

This technology can be applied to new residential or commercial structures and sometimes retrofitted for older structures, as is the case at the STA office.

Serving as a living laboratory, the office is regularly used to test new and emerging technologies.